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Sarracenia "Bengal Tiger"

Hey all, just wondering if anyone here has any information on this hybrid. I found pictures on the CP Photofinder recently, and was blown away, but other than a small note on the plant here and there, I can't find too much about it, or how widely grown it is. If this is one that can be more widely distributed, I certainly think it should be.
I have no idea, but it is gorgeous!
probably because the original grower plans to make it a cultivar (note the double quotations). once it gains that status, its accessibility will probably increase.
I tried to look up metadta on the photo to get a date, but no luck. Alsom it seems to haqve been around long enough for CPPF to find it and make a dedicated link for it...
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I haven't seen it! It does have a very lovely flower.
Yeah, I think the plant would be cultivar worthy for the flowers alone, but the pitchers are beyond striking!
Very sweet looking sarr ... though the pics I saw on Google reminded me more of a frilled lizard with its frill extended. :)

Here is a Bengal Tiger wannabe :)

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That's an impressive clone Fred.... though I agree, only a wannabe, the real thing is far more contrasting :D
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i killed mine this spring. really sad. i believe it's one of brooks' plants.
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Aaaannnnd 1,000th post! :D

The information I found said it did come from Brooks, though past a couple entries on a blog I can't find anything about if it's been propagated further or not.
Sorry to hear you lost one, that would be a sad plant to go south.....