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sarr recovery from rhizome rot

I have 1 minor hybrid(I think noid is the proper term) that started to do poorly. I was a decent sized rhizome but the pitchers started dropping. I pulled it and after inspection that one side of the rhizome is squishy and rust colored..... but only half of it. After some research it seems it was rotted and had some fungus in it...I cut the diseased section off, gave it a neem oil spraying and replanted it......what are my chances of it putting up some new shoots/coming back? If so how long will it take to produce new shoots? Or has it gone dormant and will wait til next year? This section still has plenty of good roots so logic dictates it 'should' recover but this is my first encounter with this phenomenon.

I inspected 2 other random sarrs but they seemed fine so it appears to be isolated. I did spray the lot of them with neem oil JIC.

Depends on the size of rhizome you ended up cutting off. Most likely, it won't produce any pitchers, or at least any full-size pitchers until next year though. It usually takes a sarr a little while to fully recover from a cutting, so i wouldn't expect anything. But you never know :D
I just want to see something green come out of the dirt/sign of life. hmm the half of the rhizome that was removed was the lesser half.....it was about 6 inches long and about a 1/8 wider than a broom handle in diameter if memory serves.....it lost about 2 1/2 inches of rhizome but imo definitely big enough to handle a division. how long will it wait to sprout something usually? it's been about 3 days already so in plant terms it hasn't been a long time.
Hi Cphobby

With a rhizome of that size unless the rot continues into the rhizome, it will easily recover and probably without loss of vigour, that is a good size rhizome. I have seen them come back from tiny pieces of rhizome as long as it is healthy and got roots. They really are very tough plants.

As far as sprouting new growth or seeing some positive sign of that, is concerned, it all depends on whether the plant is still in active growth or not, if it is still growing you will notice some changes, but if it has started to go dormant then you wont see any signs of success till next spring I'm afraid, if however it is still 'poorly' then the evidence of failure by seeing fungus or rot of the plant will be very evident long before then. If the pitchers are still turgid and robust, and remain so, thats a good sign. Just inspect it often and try to keep it as stress free as possible.

Hope that helps