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Sand for sundews

Do they rent sand blasters? If they do they probably sell silica sand for blaster unless it has been banned locally. If they sell the sand #16 mesh is usually what you want to go with. If not look in the construction materials area for Quickrete bags - should tell you if it is silica sand. They might have play sand too. The mesh size I find is too fine as they don't seem to sell the coarse grades except in 100 lbs bags.
Okay. Thanks.

The thing I found isn't good, right?

And yes, they do sell play sand, but growsundews.com mentioned it wasn't the best product for sundews. I guess I might be just overly anal.
Swimming pool supply company Used for sand filters. Where in the world do you live. Silica is hard to get here because it weighs too much to ship to Hawaii.
Lincoln, NE. It's really not as podunk as people make it out to be, but apparently it is when it comes to finding basic silica sand.
I called the pool supply company and they do have the filter sand. I'll go that route. Thanks.
K. Which would you recommend?
That was more or less what Not a Number was recommending. Have never tried my self. Don't stock in Hawaii. One hardware store stocks the playsand by the same brand and I use it. But it dose tend to be too fine. Coarser would be better. Will probably be less expensive at Home Depot than the pool supply.
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I recently got some Black Gold "White Sand." Had to wash it a few times but it appears to be just fine. Put some RO water in a cup, a spoonfull or two of the sand, and the TDS hasn't gone up at all, even giving it a few weeks to try.