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Saguaro (Small beginnings)

A friend purchased a Saguaro seed kit from her visit in Arizona.
I was sort of skeptical that these were so cheap (I had perhaps 100 seeds).
After researching, I found my catch: the growth rate of these guys is quite slow (as most cacti I assume)!

Well, they are about 5 months old now and are approaching one inch :grin:
I suppose they'll be a marker for the number of years of my friendship.
Amusingly, 3 of the 10 or so seeds popped up, got drowned by Louisiana rain on accident a few times -- and there are three of us.


One to each of us!
Many cacti are indeed slow growers though others, such as the prickly pears are not. Saguaros are extremely slow growers -- it can take up to 75 yrs before they start forming side arms. The extremely slow growth rate is part of why poaching is such a huge issue ... that and transplanted sags often don't survive.
Extremely slow growing. I also have seedlings of Saguaro, barrel, and organ pipe cactus. The slowest of the three seems to be organ pipe, but saguaros are not much faster.
75 years to form side arms ? That's nuts...and so amazing. Congrats on your seedlings, hope they grow OK for you.
These guys are fragile. I once rode along to Phoenix, AZ. While there we picked up a friend from the airport. While waiting I browsed the shop they had there and bought a decent sized- perhaps 3-4" tall saguaro giant. It didnt make it home unfortunately. Something fell In it in the car and basically broke the poor thing in half. I was so sad. I still would love another some day.