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Safe or non safe, pesticides and fungus control.

Hellow fellow CP enthusiasts! Thanks for taking the time to look over this post any and all suggestions and opinions are wanted along with personal experiences.

Today my question really is if a couple of organic pesticides/disease control would be safe to use on my nepenthes. One I bought is Dr.Earth Final Stop vegetable garden insect killer, OMRI listed, its ingredients are all oils rosemary, sesame, peppermint, thyme, cinnamon, and garlic oils my question is if all these are safe of course for the nepenthes.

2nd one is Bonide tomato and vegetable it is .20 percent sulfur, which I heard is safe, unless there is any other opinion? And .01 pyrethrins which I had the question of safety on i believe i remember seeing it was safe but i looked it up and couldn't find much on it anymore for CPs, are there new studies in which they are not considered safe or is there a new norm, or is it just fine in your opinion? I tried putting pictures of said product but it tells me upload failed so..

Thanks for your time and thought. Any answers greatly appreciated.

On a side note, I recently purchased a PH/mositure/light meter and the PH for most my plants it's at least 8.5 in the alkaline I know they need acidic soil definitely preferred I heard studies that certain species appreciate alkaline but most dont, that being said any suggestions on how to make.my soil more acidic??
i use the mosquito dunks in the water i give my plants to kill fungus gnats. havent used anything else so cant speak on it. I use a foliar spray with chlorothalonil for fungus which came as a recommendation from someone with experience. Beyond that I hope someone else can help answer your specific quetions :)