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Roridula dentata


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Hi everyone, I am breaking out in cold sweat just posting this on the forum...the anticipation of what is to come, the excitement of what happened and the high chance of them dying in my climate...

At the end of this April, I decided to give away the best of the R. dentata and R. gorgornias seeds to a friend in the States. I've tried to germinate Roridula for about a decade but never had much luck with them. Only two R. gorgornias ever germinated for me but they died shortly after.

After packing and sending them off to their new parent, I decided to sow the runts (R. dentata - a couple were smaller than usual and another few were thinner and pale-looking).

*breathes hard...hyperventilates*

I've got germination after 11 days! :0o:

I see one root appearing and another 3 seeds with their seed coat splitting!

Any expert out there could offer tips? Especially if you have grown them in high humidity areas as I live in Singapore (think Florida in summer year round). TIA!! :hail:
And you know him very well. Too well... lol

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Well done Cindy, pretty fast germination :)
Very nice. I hope you have great success growing them. :)
Thanks for sending over some luck. The ambient humidity here is way too high and the most arid place I have is an air-conditioned room (50-70%) but there's not sufficient light. :-(