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rookie greenhouse

so im making a greenhouse and just thought i would throw out my ideas and see what you guys thought. ok so i am building a pretty small reach in greenhouse, im going to build a big tall rectangular box, it will have a 3x3 base, and then come up about 5.5-6 feet. the frame will just be simple 2by2's or maybe 2by3's havent decided yet, and the insulator is made out of some plastic i dumpster dived for behind a mettress factory. it will have a few shelfs the bottom shelf will have about 2 feet for my bigger plants, then about 3 1 foot shelfs for everything else, and then finally a couple of littler .5 feet shelvs for things im trying to grow from seedling to seed. i will have to gou out and mist the thing about every day because i live in arizona and its awfully dry here, but temperature is pretty self regualting because its always a beautiful 75-85 here. i do have 2 cooling fans on the way for when things get alot hotter, and will set them up to a timer to kick on around 11 am and run till around 3. idk. im really excited and i hope i explained it well so others can input. oh forgot the door, i will bring in another little wood frame and have a plexiglass window with hinges and a little hook to keep it up. im way way excited and should get done in around a week. if anyones interested i can take photos of me woring on the thing, and of corse my finished product with some plants inside of it. let me know! would love some input!

Is this something that will be out in the sun? It may be 75-85 air temperature right now but put a plastic enclosed structure in the sun and you have yourself a nice solar oven.
I found this out the hard way when I was young with a VFT I steam cooked in it's death cube in direct sun... How things change. Lol.
What are you planning to grow in it?
I agree with Tony..looks like it has the potential to be WAY too hot..
If its sunny and 85 outside, it will be well over 100 inside the greenhouse..probably 110 to 120..

I understand you want to raise humidity for certain plants, but I dont think an outdoor greenhouse is the best way to do it..
I dont see how you can keep it cool enough..

Let us know more about what you plan to use the greenhouse for..what you plan to grow in it,
and how much direct sunlight it will get each day..

For nepenthes, you might be better off with an indoor greenhouse, with artificial light..
that will raise the humidity, without the extreme heat issue of an outdoor greenhouse..

For VFT's and Sarracenia, they will be fine outdoors, not in a greenhouse..
they would do much worse inside an outdoor greenhouse, much better off not being in a greenhouse at all,
even with dry air..they live in trays of water..as long as the trays are well-filled at all times, they can handle it.

Most people in North America cant really use an outdoor greenhouse..our climate just isnt good for them..
its too cold in the winter, and too hot in the summer..

Greenhouses are common in England and parts of Europe, where the summer and winter extremes are much less..
in England, a greenhouse raises the temp in the winter from 35 outside to 50 inside..very useful.
For much of North America, a greenhouse would raise the temp in winter from 10 outside to maybe 25 inside..basically useless.
and in the summer, from 80 outside to 110 inside..also useless..
basically greenhouses are helpful in March, to start the growing season a month early,
and in November, to extend the growing season by one more month..
every other month of the year, the plants are better off not being in the greenhouse at all..

Dang. Thanks for the feedback guys. I guess I will not be embarking on this adventure. I knew it would make it warmer but didn't know 20_40 degrees warmer. It was gonna be in direct sun only in the morning and evening. And a shady spot during the afternoon, but still I guess that would be to hot. I planned on tranferring all of my plants currently on my growlist to the little house but i guess not. Thanks again for the advice :/
go sit in a car in the sun during the winter,
i would get a humidifier ,I run one all winter here the heat drys my house out to like 20%, with cheap fan run humidifier i get 70-90%
neps would probly grow good in a east window if you pick the right nep