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Republicans looking out for the rich


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Aug 26, 2006
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xvart: I have an opinion. That is my opinion that Ron Paul was the only decent Republican this year. I'm surprised you didn't realize that was an opinion. I find your post offensive especially since you're bashing me for an OPINION.

Neci - First, I misread your post and thought you said the only decent republican is Ron Paul (which isn't true, in my opinion), not was Ron Paul, with reference to the candidates. As you can see from the context of my post, I obviously meant the latter because I was talking about lumping everyone together, not just three or four people in a candidacy election bid. My apologies for misreading your post and responding, assuming I have your original intentions correct now.

Furthermore, it wasn't attacking you, bashing you, or being offensive you to you at all. You have an opinion? so do I (and again, my opinion was based on a totally different comment that wasn't really said). I can't tell someone they are wrong? And I can't tell someone what the problem with their comment is? If anything, I gave evidence and further discussion points to the republican/democrat split. But before this degrades into I have an opinion and you have an opinion commentary.

How was I supposed to know that your comment was your opinion? You didn't state that it was your opinion or even state it like an opinion. You stated it like it was a fact. Of course, I am just as guilty of that, too. But none of that really matters, it's all just semantics anyway. What matters is that I'm sorry and you have my apologies. I should have read your post more clearly and been more thoughtful in my response to your opinion. I will edit my original post.

Note: I'm not trying to be defensive here or finagle my way out of being a "bad guy." I'm just trying to explain how something can be confusing or possibly allow someone to think that another person is personally attacking him or her. Out of 3.5k posts, this has been the second time someone has said one is "offensive;" so, I hope my track record and past behavior speaks for itself and backs up the "non-malicious" intentions behind my original post.

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Sep 7, 2002
Just opening up more areas to drilling is not going to impact the price of oil much. The infrastructure needs to be in place such as off shore platforms before it can impact the price of oil. They don't have to be functioning but they need to be in place and this will likely take a year or longer before they would be ready to supply any oil. I am not saying we shouldn't drill in these areas but they are not going to produce the immediate results we all want.

Who ever said McCain will help bring it down I have to disagree with. Threats of further violence aim at Iran is only going to further destabilize the region as Iran is one of the dominating forces in that region. Iran is also one of the major oil produces in the region again making their stability in our interested unless we want to pay $10 a gallon for gas. I just cant see how McCain's hyper aggressive stance towards them is going to influence oil prices to go down.


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Mar 10, 2007
xvart: It's okay that you misread my post. I don't mind, I'm just getting a lot of crap for my opinions so I'm very defensive in this topic.


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Apr 5, 2008
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Hey NeciFix, this topic has turned into a debate. It's not like people are just going to disregard your posts. What do you expect us to do? Say, "Oh, it's just his opinion. I'm not going to state my own thoughts or ideas to prove his wrong; I wouldn't want to offend him."
No, thats not how politics works. We would get nowhere if everyone kept their ideas and opinions to themselves.

edit: Sorry if I sound like I'm being nasty, I'm really not trying to be.
Feb 9, 2003
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We're long past the point of being able to solve the energy problem by increasing supply. It's time to reduce demand, but politicians are afraid they'll lose their next election if they ask Americans to do without something. Whether it's gas or water or 1 lb TV dinners, we not only want it, we want more. Corporate propaganda has convinced people that we show our rugged individualism by driving a gas guzzler, growing thousands of sq ft of chemically enhanced suburban lawn and eating too much. We're really just allowing our self-indulgence to be exploited. Someone has to look the American public in the eye, say no and mean it. I see no chance of that coming from a Republican and darned little chance of it coming from the current crop of Democrats.
Jun 14, 2005
It's really quite simple. They need a two-fold plan. The first part is to allow for the domestic drilling of oil. The second part is introducing and establishing a new alternative energy source. Both need deadlines. We can't just flick a switch and tomorrow be independent of oil. At the same time we don't want to just drill domestically. We need the domestic oil for the short term relief, and we need the new alternative energy source to replace the oil for the long term. We need to make this a national challenge, something along the lines of landing a man on the moon. There's no reason we can't set a 10 year deadline and get it accomplished. It can be done.
May 4, 2003
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But there is already an abundance of available oil to drill domestically. The oil companies are sitting on tons of oil - they CHOOSE not to drill. The only reason they want to open up new areas is to lock in the business for the long term while they think there's a public will that would allow it.

But it won't do anything to oil prices. The current rates are due to a combination of oil company collusion, OPEC, and the "Enron Loophole" that subjects oil prices to speculation in futures in the commodities markets. Contrary to popular impression, there is not a shortage of places to drill oil, and oil no longer responds to simple supply/demand mechanics. This is a big mess that will only be cleaned up with alternative sources of energy, and more industry regulation. ANWR and Off-shore drilling will NOT change the price of gas! In the overall scheme, they are a drop in the bucket, a bucket that is still full.