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Repotting "Magic"

I repotted my pot of Drosera venusta a few weeks ago when the pot got so crowded that there was nowhere to top-water from. Here's what they looked like shortly before I repotted:

Today I found that all of the Drosera venusta I repotted in a new pot are sending up flower stalks:

I've had this plant for half a year and it has never flowered for me until now, so I can't help but think that it had to do with being repotted. What I found weird was that even though my plants didn't flower at all in the preceding months, they still managed to fill the pot they were in with new seedlings. And I even found a Drosera binata I didn't know was there before.
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Nice sundews, very interesting! it could be from the repotting and also from seasonal change, its been hot lately and the days have gotten longer too.
like above post said it is most likely due to season change
BUT my sp floating did the same thing. didnt flower for the two years I had it. looked healthy and lush but 0 flowers, I repotted it and it shot up a single 6 bud stalk a week or so later
maybe it enjoys what little nutrients are in the new peat
could separate one in a new pot, give it a few osmocote indoor and outdoor pellets and see how it responds
D. regia love them, I plan on separating an sp floating and madagascarensis soon to try this as well , like regia these are the only other two species I have that dont flower for me and need what seems like unnatural amounts of food when growing in strictly peat/perlite or sand

could also try adding extra perlite. maybe it is respond to less compacted roots from the repotting
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