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Repotting Leah

My favorite sarracenia had to be repotted today,
Over aggressive weed eater operator ate holes in its bucket.... ugh
(no, not me.... people that do the mowing)

My first 40" pitcher too :-O

talk about timing, :ohno:




several growth points

Been promising a division to someone for a while, soooooo..... rooted division with 24" pitcher

I guess some good came out of it
:p :nana:

(cell phone pics)
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I knew it! It's spring time and you were getting happy with the weed whacker. No more Kool-aid for you Butchie :poke:
ummm.... Yann gave me a small division about 4-5 yrs ago I think
I knew it! It's spring time and you were getting happy with the weed whacker. No more Kool-aid for you Butchie :poke:

Don't take away my Kool-aid!!!!
That pail was looking a little crispy there Butch. Looks like your landscaper did you a favor !
uv breakdown. my buckets don't last that long. a year at the most outside.....
Was that bucket drilled or un-drained? Good looking plant!
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I drill holes a few inches from the bottom...

Mach, this was a Walmart bucket, I get much better life out of the white Lowe's buckets....
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white / translucent vs blue? come to think of it the white ones are the ones that crap out for me also...
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White/clearish plastics generally have the least resistance to UV degradation unless stabilizers have been added. Some plastics are better than others. Polypropylene is one of the most vulnerable plastics. The addition of carbon black increases UV resistance. The carbon absorbs UV and generates heat - maybe not the best thing for some species.
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That Kool Aid looks tasty.
That is exciting about the 40in pitcher!!
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What a tall pitcher! Although that is not a surprise since this cultivar is known for its size.
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Good thing plastic is easy to break apart, just imagine the hassle of repotting such a massive plant while keeping the pot intact.
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At least he provided a little more drainage...
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Thanks Hokie, I'll pour ya a glass.... grape or cherry?

yeah Jim, but a wee bit too much drainage...

Leah is the queen of Sarracenia imho... vigorous grower, wind resistant, tall, beautiful
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I will go with cherry first then grape.