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Repotting cephalotus?

I just received a young adult cephalotus planted in pure LFS in a small pot. Should I go ahead and repot it in a sand/peat/perlite mix in a larger pot, or should I wait? The soil it's in seems kind of old and compacted and the pot's tiny.
Can you share a picture ?
If the soil is compacted and old, I would repot now. Cephalotus aren't nearly as finicky as some make them out to be.
Drew what is the soil under the ehlersiae(?) in your avatar ?
That's jaumavensis and its potted in perlite/APS about 50/50.
I'd wait till October if I were you. If Cephalotus are disturbed during their main growth cycle, they can sulk badly. The genus doesn't mind small pots when they are young. And yes - a photo would be very helpful in gauging the situation to determine your best course of action.