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Recycle your old houses

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These are actually awesome!! Cheap, good for the environment, and effective. They look surprisingly cool too.
trying to come up with some ideas for the pile of double pane windows I have out back.
Found that while brainstorming.. thought I'd share.
Thanks for sharing that, has given me some ideas
Thanks for sharing that, has given me some ideas

my pleasure.
hoping the concept catches on.. give more of us more places to grow.
Right now I already have six sliding glass doors collected for a project and not used...now to imagine the best way to use them
see the frame.. be the frame.. build the frame..
Okay then, hubby suggested a solid north wall and solid halfs to each short side making the whole thing six foot by twelve foot using one glass panel in each short side and the other four to make the long wall. possibly lean-to it against the house rather than make a solid wall along one long side.
I've considered a half of a GH, lean-to design as well. But we'd have to take down the remaining south side pines to make it work.
I've ruled it out because I love my tree's. But lean-to's are super cool IMO, and I'd love to have one. You're lucky with that option..