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Ray Bradbury Dies . . .

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I guess that it was inevitable; but it is still quite sad. Ray Bradbury, the author of more fantastic stories than most anyone else in the twentieth century, is dead at ninety-one. I managed to see him a few time over the years at lecture tours and book-signings; and the last was in Santa Monica two or three years ago, while working in Long Beach. The guy delivered an hour-long, largely extemporaneous speech without a hitch -- or a teleprompter.

I'll always remember the advice he gave an audience when I was a kid; it was an epigraph, a quote he used from Juan Ramón Jiménez for Fahrenheit 451, "If they give you ruled paper, write the other way . . ."


Also, it was a strangely fitting end for the author -- given the historic transit of venus . . .
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he certainly had my attention as a younger man.
he will be missed.
"There are worse crimes than burning books. One of them is not reading them."

I've been in a bad habit of it lately.
sad day in sf land
Aw crap, I think he lived near me. He was a Friend of my local library which has many signed copies of his books. I missed the book-signing he had there last year :(
I am adding Farenheit 451 to my summer reading list...

Need to
RIP... I read Farenheit 451 just recently... quite a different book then the other books I've read..
i thought that guy already died years ago.. musta been someone else i guess