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I have two sarrs up for trade. Both are large plants and are very vigorous growers.
S. 'Red Viper' a very rare cultivar of S. flava x S. jonesii


last year:

S. "Green Monster" x purpurea (all green type) a rare hybrid of a rare cultivar :p


Looking for:
N. truncata
N. veitchii
N. lowii
N. lowii hybird
larger nepenthes specimens
Drosera: D. roraimae
any heliamphora
cobra lilys

offer me anything! Worse thing I can do is say no ;)
Damn...........I wish I had something to trade fro the Green Monster. Do you take children? ???
No.. sorry :lol:
I have Darlingtonia I would trade for the S. 'Red Viper" if you are interested.
I may be interested, how big are they?
ok thanks, other offers are still welcome.
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