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Raff and hopeful monsters

I have a purple rafflesiana and a N. "hopeful monsters" merilliana hybrid with an unknown father plant that I might be willing to trade. I'm trying to confine my LLers to a smaller terrarium and free up the tent I'm using for them for some HL plants since I'm running out of room pretty rapidly. Both plants are large. The raff is about 8-9"+ and the "hopeful monsters" is about 12" maybe more. Both are putting out nice pitchers. I'll post photos of them when I can in the morning. The raff is inflating it's first pitcher for me now and I wan't to wait until it opens later this week, before I decide wether or not to part with it. Again, I'm not 100% set on letting these plants go but I wanted to stick out my feelers and see what offers might come up. I also have an albomarginata "cameron high lands" that someone else was supposed to trade me for but I never heard back from them. If they are MIA for much longer that plant will be up for trade as well. I'm mainly looking for nepenthes but I'll entertain any offer so holla atchya boy East! :cool:
I'll have a 6" N. singalana Belirang BE clone to trade in about a week. I'm interested in the raff.