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Quick 'from seed growing question'

I have a bunch of seedlings of various sarracenia and a handful vfts started months back. They are currently under lights running 18 hour days and doing well.

1- would it be better to bring them outside to get natural light vs indoor for the summer? If so, do I just bring them back indoors before the daylight hours shortens too much outside so they can continue on through the winter?

2- I know I can leave the lights on indoors 24/7 for the sarracenia... But what about vfts?

yes, it would be better to bring them outside, but don't burn them! I never allowed my sarr seedlings to adapt to the sun so they burned up. Now, theres only two seedlings left.

I have no idea if VFT's can be under lights 24/7, but that would be an interesting experiment.