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question about nepenthes pitcher spotting

I need to pick the brains of some of the nepenthes veterans regarding spotting/speckling of a pitcher.

The one in question is a N. Mirabilis. It was advertised as a speckled mirabilis but for the most part it just looks like a regular mirabilis and when I asked the vendor he said it was from a higher elevation than where I am at and if I let the nights get colder that the spots would come out.

Just looking at it I can see what looks like spots on the inside of the pitchers but not the outside.

I believe the vendor so that is not an issue for me....is this one of those deals where I just have to let the plant get older maybe?

here are a couple pics below:


Some exterior mottling may become apparent at a later age, but it is also possible that the term "spotted" might have just originally referred to the pretty exaggerated interior mottling that your plant is already displaying. Many vendors do not know necessarily know what their plants are or where they came from, especially if they are online (ebay), or from a nursery who's primary focus is not carnivorous plant related. Overall your plant looks mostly healthy though, the spots on the leaves could indicate some nutrient burning or something else, not sure. Be careful keeping the plant in a tray though, Nepenthes can develop root-rot quickly and perish if they are kept too wet/in standing water.
the leaf spotting is from my lighting....still working on getting the right fixture distance and every time i make an adjustment i will wait about 1-2 months to gauge the effects. the tray is deceiving in appearance, I have a submersible type terrarium and the trays merely isolate the pots from the water supply.

Nice lookin little swamp you got there! Them hyacinths send up a flower ever?
I just added the water plants recently and they do an excellent job maintaining a very stable humidity. So much so that I hardly need the fogger anymore and the neps simply love it. kinda hard to see but there are a few water poppies in there and I recently added some ludwigia too.