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Kind of curious.

What humidity/light intensity/temperature do you keep your pygmies at? I'm specifically dealing with Roseanna right now. I'm having pretty good luck, but am always interested in adjusting what I've got going on if better ideas surface.

At the moment they are experiencing warm temperatures (around 75-80 degrees) with high humidity (75%) constantly. They are in my small Nep terrarium that has about two inches of standing, distilled water in it at all times (and a water heater). I have 2 t-8 and one t-12 bulbs suspended about 6 inches above them. The terrarium is a 10-gallon (they live with a baby nepenthes ampullaria and bicalcarata). They are in their own 6-inch pot. Mostly sand with a bit of peat intermixed for moisture retention.
I grow my pygmies in my greenhouse. I started with gemmae, and despite some nights in the 30s on the lower shelves of the GH, they still germinated. I have tons of them now. I also picked up some adult pygmies at my local CP store and they are doing well in my conditions. Right now during winter, they are getting maybe 2-3 hours of direct sun a day and the rest of the day they are in bright, indirect sunlight. In the summer, they will probably get to like 6 hours of direct sunlight a day. Temperature-wise, they can take down to just above freezing. They're hardy, keep them at whatever temperature you want to assuming that you don't want to keep them in 90F temperatures. 75-80 degrees is just fine, humidity doesn't seem to matter for mine, but they get like 50-60% during the day and 80-90% at night for me. I've heard they can take pretty low humidity. Your lighting sounds just fine. I don't really worry about lighting, never have, mainly because I have a greenhouse, but when I grew in terrariums, my Neps grew just fine in really low lighting. If it is good for your neps, your pygmies will be fine. TBH, I really don't worry about conditions for my dews since they are so hardy and I only keep pretty easy ones.

There is a certain website that specializes in selling gemmae and they have tons of care information on the website. If you don't already know about it, I can PM the website name to you if you'd like. :)
Right now my Scorps are at 62-66 F. and humidity is usually around 50-60% although I don't even think about the humidity levels with them.
I have my D. roseanna a few inches below 1,400+ lumen bulbs, low 70s during the day, and at least 60% humidity. They go dormant if temps break 90, which will require them to go dry until they break dormancy.