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pygmy drosera

Hello I am a new member here and had gotten my hands on the Salvage Garden and what a great book? Of course reading through the book I read about pygmy drosera and now I have to get one and try them out? They said they were easy to grow is that so? and I want to see one grow and want to see the production of gemmae? Where can I purchase them at? Thank you
Pygmy drosos are easy if you cna provide bright light and a Mediterranean temperature range. Also, naming seelers is frowned upon here on TF, so you'll have to go elsewhere to ask that. However, it's that time of the year, you may be lucky enough to find gemmae giveaways and trades in the Trading Post.
They should start coming available within the next month.
People can certainly PM leads. If you've read The Savage Garden you should find a lead or two in there.

But as pointed out previously gemmae season is just around the corner so keep you eyes open for giveaways and trades.
Think you all for the help and H Carlton I do not know what naming seelers means? I am a new member but will keep my eyes ub trading post for them too? Wow it is so hard when being a new member and you do not know much about the site.. so everyone please excuse me for things I do wrong I promise to do better? again many thanks...
H Carlton I do not know what naming seelers means?

Seelers = Sellers. What hcalton was saying is that vendors names are not allowed to be posted openly on the forum other than the host vendor FyTrapShop.
Thank you so much I will not mention vedors again.. wow I am glad that you are helping me out or I would been lost? again many thanks!
Pygmies are my absolute favorite drosera because of their hardiness and ease of growth. I keep mine outside for the summer in full sun and they thrive. In the winter they will not tolerate cold so keep them under lights inside. The biggest thing is constant moisture and high light. Dont worry about humidity.

BTW welcome to TF
I can't wait will be keeping my eyes open and again many thanks to you all letting me know what I am not suppose to do it really helps me out so much.. I do not want to be kick out of here just join..
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still checking the trade list have not found any as of yet? Been looking at the great images of c/p's and they are awesome ...this is the best site ever for C/P and the members are so helpful even to me a newbie?