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Project Repot all finished...


Sarracenia freak
I bought a ton of clear Rand Aircone pots recently with repotting my pings in mind. I know they probably wont benefit from it TOO much, but they look pretty darn snazzy. :) I went with an all mineral media, of about 2:1:1 Aps, coarse sand, and pumice, with added Iron Oxide, and topped most with a pretty thick layer of coarse sand. Here's to hoping the fungus gnats leave my pings along from now on, and they(the pings) start to bounce back...

While I was at it, the medusina I picked up recently had LOADS of babies all over it, so any that were on dead or dieing leaves I trimmed off and put in their own pot. So I should have a ton of them to give away here soon. lol.

Snazzy! That's organized!
Looking good! Must have taken you a while!
Nice work!
wow. That looks really nice. Think I may do that with my tuberous dews.
Ping envy...I has it :awesome:

Fantastic job! :bigthumpup:
Lookin snazzy
What's under the humidity cup
Wow, that looks fantastic!
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Looks great. Hope they come back strong for you.
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very nice

but all the pot are in water ?

for the mexican ( actually in dormancy) they must be dry , otherwise attention to the rot .

medusinae are a gypsum specie , it is difficult to keep alive the keikis but I hope that you could do it

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All pots are in some water, im using all mineral, and I only have one that is dormant.. Its actually been in water with the rest of them for the entire time its been dormant and its still fine. I suspect now that its in all mineral there's even less of a change of it rotting or anything.

I've read that medusina likes gypsum but I was unable to find any. It was grown by its original propagator in a mostly peat/perlite mix, and they grow like champs for him. Just goes to show that they can be adaptable. Its now in an all mineral mix with iron. So here's to hoping everything survives and adapts.
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I REALLY want that stuff your using as top layering. Can't find it anywhere out here. You should send me the link again so I can try to hunt it down online. ~bats eyes~
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It is industrial quartz. I can't find it either :(
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The stuff im using now isnt the same as the sand I showed you originally.. This is the newer stuff.. I bought a 100lb bag of it at a quarry/rock/sand supply place. You know the kind with huge piles of rock, gravel and sand that semis pull up to? lol. The owner of my favorite plant shop pointed me their way. Its an 8 grit industrial quartz, by the company name "Unimin". You'll need to call around to industrial type places, masonry, construction supplies, etc.

Here's a post from someone using "granusil" silica sand, which is a different variety Unimin produces, would also work well for CPs I think? http://www.plantedtank.net/forums/substrate/87303-found-nice-cheap-natural-sand-colorquartz.html

Found a photo of the bag online, looks like this.. not the same grit/mesh obviously but the bag design is the same.
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Awesome. Good lead.. I'm hot on the trail. Thanks again..
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gives us the result in a few months.

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Everything is looking great! I hope everything perks back up for you.
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Thanks guys.. Will do, Jeff.

Only problem so far is the iron is making the WHOLE ROOM reek like... sour iron. heh.. Im going to water each pot to try and flush out as much as possible and then change the water tray again..
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for me iron is not necessary .

with a return on many years of their culture, I have never used iron and all my plants are doing very well :banana2: