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Pots, Pots and more pots


Sgt Sarracenia
If there is anyone in the So Cal area that needs larger pots, for any reason, I have too many to deal with. Besides it takes up valuable plant space. From 6" to 3gal. and a bunch of Terra Cotta pots. Of course I can't ship them, but pickup could be arranged with no problem. Trades would be appreciated, but I just need them gone. Here is a rough estimate of the counts available......

Updated 6/16/2012

Terra Cotta.............Gone

PM me if interested

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You could always see if people would want some at the next LACPS meeting :)
I actually put a post on the LACPS group page also. I covered ALL bases I think. lol I will probably bring a good amount to the meeting also, but there is no way I am getting them all there. Plus the meeting is 2 months away, I want them gone now!!!! Now........how many did you need?
I wanna the 6 inchers. But where are you located?
Fullerton.......are you ever up this way? Other than LACPS meetings.
Well, whatever is left by August, I will be bringing to the meeting. Unless I keep buying plants, and then I won't have a damn thing left. :boogie: SO FAR there has been lots of talk of people wanting some, but no one has actually made plans to get any. It is pretty much first come first serve. So until picked up, there is no deal. If I didn't do it this way I would probably have all of the pots and Terra Cotta spoken for by now, and unfortunately only have a few deals would actually happen.
Availabilty updated 6/16/12