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Post your polllen collecting, preservation, and sending techniques.

Post your polllen collecting, preservation, and sending techniques.
I am currently collecting and desicating polllen from this truncata.
Looking for female flowers ASAP:poke:

I collect and store pollen in simple wax paper packets, and after the entire stalk has been collected, I move everything (by this time they've been in the fridge and the pollen is dry) into the freezer for storage, where it can last for at least a year. When someone has an interest in pollen, I just send the packets via regular envelope (works only really in the US, the multiple-week shipping overseas tends to decimate pollen viability). Right now I am storing mixta and 'Miranda' pollen, and both have produced viable seeds/crosses even up to within the past few weeks, even though pollen was collected sometime around September/October.
I wish I had something blooming female, I' love to start making truncate crosses.....sigh....