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I've always loved pings and have a decent little collection. I can't wait until Spring when I have multiple plants blooming at the same time so I can make some hybrids. Really want to cross my 2 laueana clones, cyclosecta x sumidero, colimensis x laueana, cyclosecta x colimensis, etc. I also have gypsicola, 'Aphrodite', agnata x gypsicola, potosiensis, agnata 'red leaf', and sp. 'Sumidero'. Might want to also pick up a zecheri and emarginata for hybridizing purposes.

Would love to see people homemade hybrids, blooming or not. I love ping leaves so I will also try to hybridize for interesting leaves as well.
I made a P. laueana x potosiensis hybrid a year ago and it turned out nicely. In good light they turn pink or purple just like P. laueana and they seem to be extremely easy and tolerant growers like P. potosiensis.

Each pot is a unique plant:


That second flower is mesmerizing..... I swear it looks like it's glowing violet.