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Hey everyone! I've been meaning to put up a trade list for a while and figured my birthday was as good a time as any lol! Any way up for trade I have:

2 x P. rotundiflora
3-4 full P. 'Sethos'
Several D. venusta
Several D. prolifera
Several Plants that I recieved seed form the ICPS labeled as D. dielsiana, but have been informed that they may be D. natalensis
2x rooted cutting of N. maxima
a plug of U. calycifida 'Asenath's Waite'
A plug of U. sadersonii 'Blue'
Seed of D. capensis - Vogelgat, ZA

As for trade fodder I'm looking for:
Ceph pullings of various origin
Utricularia (Epiphytes would be nice)
Larger drosera
Anything with location data!
Also, I am currently in the process of setting up my very first planted aquarium, so I'm looking for good starting freshwater plants for a ten gallon.

Thanks for looking!
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I have several freshwater aquatic plants I could send starters of.
PM sent.