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Dec 1, 2007
Puyallup, WA United States
1st place goes to elgecko, with the always, ever-so-stunning N. xDyeriana

elgecko- i absolutely love the peristome on this plant, congratulations on this beauty, though no doubt it has to be due to the magic windows.... :p

2nd place goes to Exo with a young, but beautiful seedgrown N. hamata

Exo, i think your plant only proves my theory a bit more that these seedgrown plants from BE are producing more squat pitchers vs elongated compared to the typical hamatas that we see from wistuba, MT, or the first BE batch...nicely grown

3rd place goes to Natevincent with his N. sibuyanensis x truncata

nice plant nate, though i wish this hybrid had more color to it....id like to see this crossed with a northiana or veitchii....

4th place goes to maxposwillo with his N. lowii

nice young plant Max, already showing a good amount of hairs for a young plant...while i love mature lowers and of course, the uppers on lowii, the small pitchers to me are rather boring...but i like the color on yours.

5th place goes to me...with my N. ventricosa x angasanensis

idk what i was thinking when i entered this...i show pictures of it, and people love it...i enter it in a pitcher of the month or plant of the month contest anywhere, and it just bombs....oh well, i love this plant.

congrats to the 3 winners of the competition, and better luck next time Max...and myself i guess lol..
Feb 11, 2010
Do you always show the 5th place, or just when it's you? lol
Feb 11, 2010
mm i said i was going to show all 5 this month since there were only the 5 entries...read the voting thread.

oh, my bad.. I was just joking anyways. Nice plant, I would've voted you in the top 3 had I voted.