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Pinguicula pollination

Not as obvious, but:

Thought I would update this for a final time. Flower was pollinated Oct. 31, 2011, seed harvested Dec. 1, 2011.

P. Sumidero 1 seeds from the pod pictured in my previous posts (please ignore the terrible cellphone picture):

P. laueana flower

Up until recently, i hadn't really tried to pollinate very many of my Pinguicula flowers, but lately i've had success with pollinating some P. lilacina flowers and germinating the seed from those attempts.

I attributed that success to the rather roomy interior of the P. liacina flowers and also the relative closeness of the stigma flap to the flower's opening, making for easier working/pollinating conditions

This P. laueana flower is currently in the final stages of being fully opened, and i had a closer look at it today to try and determine how difficult this flower might be to pollinate.


I was surprised to see the stigma flap was right flush at the throat opening of the flower and that pollen was clearly visible behind the flap, to the left, once i had a closer look.


Having everything up front and centre does make for a much easier pollination atempt. :cool:

P. laueana flower

A freshly pollinated flower.


Yesterday the pollen didn't release onto the toothpick, but today the toothpick picked up the pollen well and i was able to dab quite a bit of pollen onto the stigma.

very nice! i hope your plant is self-fertile! i hear certain clones of laueana dont produce pollen because of TC issues?
P. laueana swollen seed pod

very nice! i hope your plant is self-fertile! i hear certain clones of laueana dont produce pollen because of TC issues?

Thanks Amphirion, yesterday i was almost ready to concede that maybe the pollen produced from this flower might not be viable.

The flower had been pollinated with a toothpick for three or four consecutive days, and yet the flower continued to stay atop the scape in seemingly pristine condition instead of dropping after a few days as would be expected from a pollinated Pinguicula.

But last night around midnight, i noticed that the flower petals had noticably drooped.

Later on today i took another closer look and accidentally knocked the bloom off of the flower and this swollen seed pod is what's left to show for my efforts.


Hopefully, i'll be able to harvest some viable seed from this plant...i'd love to have some unique P. laueana seedlings, especially seedlings from a plant that doesn't mind flowering.

I wanted to report my success with this, but didn't wanna start a new thread. Hope it's okay to just put it up here.


P. x 'Tina' crossed back on itself. Any idea how viable the seed might be? I'll have to find space for a pot to try them in...
That's looking like a full seed pod developing for you there.

Hopefully you get a lot of viable seed from that pod.

Here's an update on the the P. laueana flower that i pollinated and it's still swelling seed capsule.




What're your plans for germinating those seeds of yours? I'd love to coordinate our efforts to experiment with germination methods for these guys.


*****Nevermind, the seedpod opened today and revealed that it was actually empty today. (I had a vial under it to catch the seeds when they fell, and it's totally empty)******
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