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Pinguicula pollinated!

Hey TF. I've successfully pollinated a Mexican ping for the first time. My two p. moctezumae clones flowered together. This was at least two weeks ago. The corolla has fallen off, and the ovary is very visibly swollen. How long does it usually take for seed to ripen? What are common practices for collecting it? I'll post some pictures soon

Edit: seed sown 4/6/16
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Congratulations! The seed pod could take anywhere from a month to two months to be fully ripe. Keep an eye on it regularly in a few weeks. When it nears time to collect, the seed pod will give you only a few days notice before it splits open and you lose the seed. The seedpod will either become slightly more translucent or you will notice both it and the stalk browning. When this begins you have two options. Cut it off and allow it to dry in a cup to collect the seed. Or place a cup next to the plant and gently weight the end of the stem into the cup. This way it is still attached to the plant. Don't allow condensation or water into the cup. And, be prepared to plant some incredibly small seeds when it cracks open. Good luck! :)

excellent :banana2:

when you have the seeds, especially do not delay has sown

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