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Pinguicula Lusticana culture (afrodisa $15)

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These are all from seed. You will receive as many of these as I can fit into a 50ml tube, which is more than a few.


$6.50 shipping.
Starting bid $2
The NASC has received payment for this item so you are clear to ship! Thanks for supporting the conservancy :)
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Plants arrived today well shaken by USPS. Media in bottom of tube plants in top.
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Plants arrived today well shaken by USPS. Media in bottom of tube plants in top.

Hopefully they're salvageable and not too damaged by the USPS shake and deliver treatment?
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Hopefuly so, I just gave them one more shake and the plants are now semi reunited with the agar. Time will tell - if not the money went to a good cause.
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Just checking in - how are the plants doing? I didn't want to close out the thread in case you wanted to update on their progress since you indicated there was an issue. Are you satisfied with the auction item and that we can close out this thread now? Thanks!
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The shake, kick &? took its toll. Cannot find the as received photos (all plants were green in the vial upon arrival) but I took some a few days ago, in vial and out - not a pretty sight.

Like we used to say in the shipyard "There is no such thing as Sailor proof" In this case just substitute "Postal Worker" for "Sailor".

I am satisfied that the shipper did all that was in their power to assure safe delivery.

Close the listing
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Thanks for the update. Sorry to hear about the trouble. Looks like there might be some life left in the that middle one - hope yet for a leaf pulling?

Thread closed.
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