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Pinguicula grandiflora

This happy little chappy is a self set plant in the live sphagnum of the Darlingtonia 'Othello' tray. Traditionally the first of this species to flower annually.


For those not familiar with the species. the colour on the above is a little washed out as is the norm with photographs of blue hued flowers. A closer colour reference for this species is as below.

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Those certainly are grand flowers!
Nice photos, Fred. I grow this species also and mine are kinda ratty-looking this year. So I will enjoy vicariously.
Very nice, there sir!
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Just ordered some p. Grandiflora seeds- any advice on cultivation? We are planning on directly germinating. We are window growing at the moment but d'amato says some species of p. don't grow well on sills, but didn't specify why. We can set up a lamp system if necessary

it is the type or the others?

for grandiflora subsp grandiflora no problem , sow just on blond peat , shaded , always wet ,soggy even , always outdoor from winter to summer .
Used to have one, but I made the mistake of growing it in full sun. It did surprisingly well, but slowly declined. I don't think it could keep its leaves wet.
leave it in the shade or in the morning sun , always feet in rainwater

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These are great plants for using up those shady/semi shady bits under the staging (provided it doesn't get too hot).
I also have them on lower shelves in outside growtents ( door always rolled up netting/mesh doors).

I flood the undrained trays regularly.
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