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Pinguicula autographed giclée print (Kitkor $10)

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You are bidding on a signed giclée print of Pinguicula macroceras ssp. nortensis by Kate Halpin. Printed from a high-resolution scan of the painting using archival quality Epson Ultra-Chrome K3 pigmented inks on acid free matte paper.

Image size is 11" x 15" and has a white 1/8th inch border. The actual print does not have the watermark.

Bidding starts at $8.

Shipped in a cardboard tube for $5.00 anywhere in the US. Will ship internationally for actual cost.

Thank you!


Invalid bid: Non-payment in time allotted per auction rules.
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If you could be so kind as to update the status of this auction: Has shipping been paid for? As far as I know, Mark Wilson has not yet paid the NASC unless Sheila received a check via USPS (I have checked with her but have not yet received a reply).
The winning bidder, Mark Wilson, has not paid in the time allotted so the item is offered to the next highest bidder which just happens to be me.

I have paid the NASC the $10 that I bid and will contact the donor to arrange shipping.

-Ryan Kitko, NASC Vice President
Sent the $5 shipping payment via PayPal to the donor a few days ago along with my shipping address. Received notification via USPS that it's in the mail! Can't wait :)
Received today! Looks great! Thanks so much :)

With that, this auction thread is closed. Cheers!
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