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Pingicula agnata up for trade

I'm putting my last P. agnata up for trade. It is doing fine, it just doesn't grab me any more.
Make an offer. Pics available if interested.
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Never mind.
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waii pings are awesome! I have an agnata red leaf that is my favorite ping.. One of my first plants.. nursed it back from near death a couple of times lol.....

Dont have a regular one tho.are you looking for anything in particular?
I thought I had a trade going but I guess not, so this is still open. Make me an offer. Don't be shy.
Would you like some Aldrovanda?
I have tried Aldrovanda a few times, I always end up with it dead one way or another. Thanks anyway.
The P. agnata has found a new home, so this is now closed.
Thank you.