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Picture posting question

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An orchid fancier with a CP problem
How do peeps get the large size pictures to show up in your posts? I have tried both from my computor and from photobucket and I only get the smaller ones. And they don't get much bigger when clicked on.
Hi Judy,
All I can tell you is that my photos are all pre-published on my Wordpress blog, so what I do is just grab the URL of the photo (which is usually 800 pixels tall, or larger) and insert it in my post with an IMG tag. When I click on the "insert image" button, I never see an option to upload from local files, only the insert URL option, so this is what I've been doing all along.

If you go on photobucket, you can select "upload options" on the uploading page. That will let you change the size of the photos.
Okay..now even as small as 400 x400 from photobucket i keep getting the message that the remote file is too large.
Everytime I tried sending a larger image of the finch, from a for pay photo storage site I received the image is too large message.


  • expman.pl?rm=view_photo&photo_id=finch18&file=finch1_medium.jpg
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