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Pics!!! (Part II)

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Hi Joachim,

Maybe N. singalana?


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Christer, nice to see you here - after reading many of your posts on the CP-listserv!

To clarify it: the pictures I posted are from two differnt plants. The second one is the species trashcan did think the first was, so he already knows what it is. But you can guess what both are of course. I'll post the answer tomorrow.


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5 points to mindmaze!
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Hey I thought I said distillatoria first.

Have no idea on that 3rd plant.
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hey, whops, yea you did say it first, you said you think, i guess i read something wrong hehe
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It's becoming a common mistake.
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I don't know for shure wat it is so I thought you guys could help me tell me if you know for shure what it is
(this is my first photo atemped so I hope it works)


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2 pm on May 25, 2002)
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ah guess it did not work this is what I did wrong this is what I typed in



so could some one tellme what I did wrong
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replace the { with [ and the } with ]
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and magically............



ALSO where you have the www. you have it as www:

well, i have also been informed geocities dosnt alow to do that alot of times, or maybe the link was wrong

is this what it is?

Well, it dosnt work, its because of geo cities


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is there aother way of doing it I have Infanview if that would help or would I have to swich to petflytraps web space
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oops I forgot to ask would it hard to swich it to petflytrap if it is does any one know of Moderator or some one that I could trust a that would help
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good guesses everyone, but only one was right (or at least Nep. gracilis reads my posts here ;-)

The first one is a N. carunculata, a name which isn't used much by now since Jebb & Cheek united it with N. bongso.

The second one I bought as N. gymnamphora which it should be - but in my opinion it may also be a N. gymnamphora x carunculata - maybe Tony knows?

Just to mention: I hope you guys all have the two books of Charles Clarke - they are a must for every Nepenthes fan! (Of course they are expensive but they are well worth it.)

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only a very small pitcher but mature charakteristics can be found...


btw, right mouseklick doesn't work ;-)

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I would say N. macfarlanei. As you say it has a special feature that is not often seen on other species except of course....two other extraordinary plants in this genus.


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Hi !

Yes, it is N. macfarlanei, one of the three spezies (including lowii and ephippiata) with hairs under the lid.

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Ahh now that I look closer I DO see them.