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pics for trip...

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hello everyone, as you can see, i am alive, and in one piece.

here are a few of my favorite photos of my time in Sudan from the past few weeks.
the purpose of going on this trip is to raise awareness of the genocidal crisis going on in parts of Sudan, and hopefully put political and international pressure to end it. the government genocidal program's main method is through starvation. by bombing Nuban villages, people are unable to cultivate crops (subsistence farming) and must flee to the mountains for shelter. Farming can only be done within a stone's throw from the foot of the mountain, which allows for a brief supply of food during the dry season. it IS going to get worse for these people as December/January heads in as their food supply from this year will be depleted.

why dont they run?
-they have been running. many refugees from this crisis have found their way into neighboring countries such as kenya, uganda, and south sudan. at one south
sudanese refugee camp, over 65,000 individuals have settled, 25% of them being under 5.
-however, there are many that cannot run because they are either too old or too young- the Nubans have a very strong family unit. it is not abnormal to see
a few capable family members make a grueling 40+ mile hike to another country to buy food and return back to the mountains.

























Very nice shots, Jon; another great effort on your part . . .
Kudos my friend.... many talk about what should be done, while others go out and do it

Sooooo when are we joining Peace Corps?

Great pics btw....
Incredible photos... Amazing people...

Good work...

...Tell me if you ever need backup...
@bigbella: thanks a lot sir.

@av8tor: thanks very much. this trip was basically a recon trip which will be used to figure out future plans. we were able to purchase and transport 1000 lbs of rice and sorghum
to the people who needed it most. the closest accessible airport was about 40 miles away, and the roads were swamped (wet season)--resulting with us having to hike and transporting the food by bicycle, motorbike, or atv, depending on who was willing to work with us from town to town. as for the peace corps- that could be a definite possibility, and a much safer route to go by; but at the same time, safer routes can mean being unable to help people who need it the most.

@peatmoss: high five! i appreciate your desire to help, but i would wisely suggest that you look up more about the Nuban conflict before "signing up". while our team was lucky enough not to experience any of the dangers (besides natural) the Nuban people face on a routine basis, they are indeed very real. the transition between order and chaos can be found within a span of 3-5 seconds.
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Hehehe, pine I am not...

Don't forget, with my hair, and as tall as I am, I'll make a big target... Bad news for me :p

Good work you do. Don't give up! Good to see people making a difference!

well, PEATMOSS, as tall as you are, im sure it wont matter, since Nubans are around the 6'5" on average. has a lot more to do with endurance, speed, and being prepared for worst case scenario situations.
Truly amazing pictures, Jon. Such beautiful children. I hope for success for your endeavor and a positive resolution to the plight of these unfortunate people.
thanks very much Mark. one of the things that pressured me during the trip was the burden of trying to capture and share the plight yet resilience of these people through a camera lens, so if I was able to make you sniffle a little bit, then I believe I have succeeded. more photos are planned to be released on a website that is in the works, which will explain more about the Nuban genocide in detail. will give TF the link when it is ready. :)
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Mad respect Amph. That's about all I can say.

How did your plants deal with you going to Africa? :scratch:
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Wow, fantastic pics and what a great thing to fight for. Kudos to you, man. It's great to see people receive help who really need it
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@Iwest: holy ishtar....you live in the same town as me....
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@Amph, referring to the Mesopotamian goddess? Or otherwise?
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@peat: of course i was referring to the ancient babylonian goddess of love and fertility. who else would I be referring to?

@dex: thanks. actually my dad took care of the plants while i was gone. as expected, the plants look a little shoddy, but otherwise are doing alright.
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Very awesome pics Amp, the photos have alot of life in them, and it looks very desolate there, yet also beautiful.
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@Iwest: holy ishtar....you live in the same town as me....

:0o: No way, that's so cool! Small world... I live right off Adeline, if you know where that is.. There really do seem to be a ton of Bay Area people on here.
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@iwest: ah i do know where that is. walk the trail there from time to time. i live in the southern part of town, on el camino real.
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