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peter d amato progression slides


ill add a few more slides to this video as the next weeks pass, and it colors up.
I have found a direct size response to extra watering , and misting directly on the pitcher to result in mush larger lids, and nicer size pitchers..

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Awesome photos. It seems just colorful to begin with, then at the end it gets that awesome peristome that really sets it apart!
Nice! -I love the music!
OK ive updated video ? slide show , go bact to first post here the video is new, i added more shots at the end. pitcher is now more mature.
Very cool stuff upwhiz. This exact plant is what drew me to Neps.
here is the updated video as pitcher appears today.,
i keep saying i will buy one myself but the price keeps me from doing so haha.

that is a great progression, thanks so much for sharing :D
Nice video! Thanks for sharing... Definitely one of the top plants on my want list.
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I saw a cutting at his store last time I was there. $120 I think was the price for a medium sized specimen. He probably made the cutting himself. :) I did not even realise Peter was in the store. I was too distracted playing with his white cat :crazy:
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nice vid jimmy and top plant too
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Very cool vid.Its perfect timing I got a rooted cutting coming hopefully this week!Awsome plant!
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Judging by the title, I was expecting to see pictures of Peter from when he was a baby up until adulthood :-))
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Pokie, no vendor names on TF;) very nice jimmy!
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Oops. My bad. Edited - replaced with pronouns. :)
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it has been about 16 days and the pitcher is now finished coloring,.
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I love the choice of music :)
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very nice vid uphwiz love seeing you make these :).