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I have some kind of tiny grey insect living inthe moss in all the plants in my terrarium, i have no idea what they are and they are too small and fast to get a picture of. I read that you can submerge the pots and drown the pests, they definitely dont fly so i think it might work but i wanted to consult the collective knowledge and experience of TF before i did anything
do they jump when disturbed? If so they are more than likely springtails. feed on decaying organic matter. food for the plants.
Thats them! nice call, so they are no threat to my plants and i don't need to worry about them?
Flooding them wouldn't be all that effective any way. They're so tiny they don't break the surface tension of water and just float on top. If you search the Web you can find photos or videos of clouds of them floating on the surface of lakes, streams and maybe even the sea.
Springtails are no harm to CP's, and in fact make great food for seedlings and sticky plants.
less than a mm in length: