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Perfect Solution to Over/Under-Watering & Soil Aeration?


Formerly known as Pineapple

Of course, you'd have to look into the mineral effect on CPs with the gel, but if it is non-toxic and biodegradable, shouldn't it be worth a shot?

One thing that really stood out was that the gel, when over-watered, will absorb all of the water and create a light, fluffy mix. You can see his demonstration in the video. This could potentially solve over-watering issues (that may lead to root rot) and it could solve under-watering issues by retaining all of that moisture.

This guy is 100% credible, it's not some random person trying to self-promote. His entire channel is dedicated to this. He's done videos of turning TV screens into a high-powered sun-focusing ray to start a fire instantly, he's made home-made rocket fuel, ect. Check out his channel and you'll see, he has an incredible video of magic with freezing water bottles to turn them into ice sculptures or slushies (also works with coke if you want to make your own slushie, it's very simple)...

So what are the thoughts on this? Anyone feel like trying it? I for sure will. I think it would be perfect to mix in with peat for sarrs so that they don't dry out and you don't have to keep them standing in water that grows algae.
I have played around with a few of the water absorbing crystals and Utricularia's with VERY bad results. After a few failed attempts I've never played with the stuff on any other CPs. I use it with other household/outdoor plants without issue.

U. graminifolia, U. longifolia and U. sandersonii all achieved the same results...dead plant. I was shocked U. graminifolia did not like this material. Maybe others have had better results.

Words like non-toxic and organic are misused all the time.