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Peat Concerns

I've got some new sundews on the way, and since I've only been growing Nepenthes for the last few years, I don't have any peat to repot with. The thing is, the last few times I've looked at peat in Home Depot or Lowe's, it was the Miracle Gro brand. And unless I'm mistaken, it had fertilizer additives, which is most obviously a no-go.

Where can I find pure peat moss? Or did I just overlook it?
Its usually in big plastic wrapped bales, outside in the garden department.. You should have Sunshine brand available down there in Cali, and its one of the better ones.. If you cant find it at home depot or lowes, try looking for a smaller mom and pop type hardwear store or other gardening centers.. they should carry it.
Lowes should have 2 or 2.5 cu foot bales of the Premier brand of Canadian peat moss without fertilizer. Home Depot at least in the Los Angeles area has never had bales when I look but sometimes you have to ask for it even if you don't see it. OSH carries bags of all sizes of Black Gold brand Canadian peat moss - very high quality stuff, or at least used to be.

Worse comes to worse you can always use long fiber sphagnum moss. You can find bags of the much maligned Mosser-Lee domestic stuff at both Lowes and Home Depot. OSH carries one which might be Black Gold brand as "Green Mountain Moss" if I recall correctly, in about 3 different sizes - the fine print on the label says pure sphagnum moss. Finally Lowes carries small bricks of very good quality Chilean long fiber sphagnum moss labeled "Orchid Moss". Sometimes Home Depot has it too, but Lowes is a pretty sure bet. It is sometimes in the orchid supply section. Go figure.

This time of year growing supplies like peat moss fly off the shelves as soon as it comes in with all the replanting and re-landscaping that goes on in the spring. It's usually best to stock pile materials like these in the winter when the garden centers are doing the same.
FWIW, I use Fafard brand peat with great results. $13 or so for a massive compressed bale of the stuff. Most small garden centers (not the huge chains) will have some sort of sphagnum peat for sale.
No matter what brand of peat you buy, you can always wash it.
Darnit! You found me!

Just don't buy miracle gro, that has added fertilzer, and be cautious with schultz, they produce all their products in one factory, so they occasionally get mixed together.