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Passion Flowers from Seed

Plant Planter

The Most Uncreative Name in the History of Ever
Yes, indeed, I am Plant Planter, the one with the uncreative name, and I would like to start a Passiflora caerulea from seed.

I've been busy researching their needs online for a while, but I have not found any consistent information, especially about planting the seeds. Some sites say peat and potting soil, others say just potting soil, still others say compost, the list goes on and on. :blahblah9xm: Anyhow, I would greatly appreciate any tips you might have about growing these marvelous vine plants! :D

(Note: Five-minute abnormal formality period has ended.)
here they grow everywhere, any of those mediums will work just fine. I would just use potting soil or compost personally. I would be careful of the base of the plant getting too much sun, but give the rest of the vines as much sun as possible.
It's definitely a sun lover, the more it gets the more blooms it will give you. By the way, it can get HUGE so I would suggest a bigger pot.

I agree with Ambanja, I don't believe it's fussy about medium. However, it may be stubborn to germinate. I have known many people having trouble with seeds (myself included) so please post how things go for you and what method worked.
Also make sure the drainage is good, so have a decent amount of perlite or cinder in the container. Warming the seeds might help w germination. A good friend has a plant in his backyard that is two years old and taken over the entire side of a 60 foot tree, the base of the vine is at least 5 inches in diameter.
...the base of the vine is at least 5 inches in diameter.

:0o: That is a vine.
Anyhow, drainage isn't my problem right now. The problem is that if it grows too fast, it won't fit in my terrarium with my Nepenthes fusca. Then it won't have crucial humidity, then it'll turn unhealthy, then it'll die, unless I can get it outside. Something nice about northern Ohio is that even though we have really cold winters, the summers are really hot, bright, and humid. Great for tropical plants! ;)
I wouldn't worry about it growing too fast, you can always prune it. Where in Ohio are you? I'm from Moreland Hills, near Solon.
I'm in the area around Parma, not too far from you.
Wow nice flower!
can't wait I've got my first giant passion fruit (Passiflora quadrangularis) about to bloom! It's in a heavy wind area so I hope this first one can take it
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I have one that has tomentose leaves, smallish lavender flowers, and bright red pods about the size of a quarter. I can get starts for anyone who might want one.
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I had very poor success in germinating passiflora foetida. i tried garden soil and did not heat the seeds.
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*ahem* Anyhow, soon I'll be mixing some potting mix to plant my seeds in, along with some moonflower seeds I picked up today.
Quick question: Do passion flower seeds need scarification? A bunch of sources have suggested this, but I'm not about to go slice up my seeds until I know. Thanks!
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I've never done it
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*ahem* anyhoo, here is an image of the seed i believe to be passiflora, the others must have come from the soil. my best guess is the passiflora wanted more frequent watering than it received (while the others did just fine)

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You guys almost made me buy a P. Alata. Sigh...I really need a garden.
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just opened Passiflora quadrangularis - aka the Giant Passion Fruit! These can get to be the size of bowling balls!
Can't wait to taste the fruit!
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Planting will commence soon! YES! :D
And Ambanja, GREAT passion flower there! Just a quick nerdy Latin fact: I think Passiflora quadrangularis means "the four-angled passion flower."
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Anyhow, I don't think my plant has grown. I do have some weird sprout that might possibly be one, which is why I still have Passiflora caerulea on my grow list and eat counts, but I'm not too sure. It actually might be in my moonflower pot (I've gotten them kind of confused--they're in the same types of pots), so it might be a moonflower. The foliage does match it more than the passion flower, but I won't know for sure for a while. At least the weather's gotten much better and I can keep my plants outside full-time.
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Any success with the seeds ?
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Any success with the seeds ?

You bet! I put Passiflora caerulea back on my Interactive Grow List and Eat Counts since the weird sprout I spoke of that did not have passion flower foliage now does have adult passion flower leaves with the trademark three-finger shape! IT'S ALIVE! HAHAHA! :mwahaha: