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PAID (Wcaphoto $5) Brugmansia sanguinea 'Inca Princess', all yellow form

Starting bid: $5. Winning bidder pays shipping, which is likely to be $17, a little less closer to California. The problem is that the plant is in a 4 inch pot, and needs constant moisture. So together with the box, the weight will be between 1 and 2 pounds.

B. sanguinea 'Inca Princess' is the all yellow form of a species that's more commonly two toned red/yellow, sometimes solid red or orange.

I bought this plant to see it bloom. I had tried several times before to buy 'Inca Princess', and always got the wrong thing. Once I got the plant which I named Suncrest Vulsa, with deep pink flowers (last photo). Finally this time it bloomed yellow. The plant was purchased at Annie's Annuals.

Just to emphasize, and this is important. This is a high elevation Brugmansia, from approximately 3000 m (compare to Nepenthes to get an idea of what conditions it needs). Just because you have grown Brugmansias before does not mean you can keep this alive. Just as you would not buy N. villosa to keep outside because N. rafflesiana or N. ventrata does fine, do not make the equivalent mistake. I'm not aware anyone ever growing and blooming Brugmansia sanguinea outside in the Deep South. It grows outside in places like the immediate Coast of California, especially Northern California, and Coastal Pacific Northwest if protected from frost in winter. It's likely possible in the same setup where one is able to grow highland or ultrahighland Nepenthes. It's actually impossible in most of the state of California, to put this in perspective. Even here, it will stop blooming in the summer, because our days average about 75-80/55 F.

The plant is not blooming. I provided a photo of when it bloomed in February, I believe for 17 days, which was a record for me. It may have a tiny bud, but last time it had a couple, it dropped them. It desperately needs a much bigger pot, or to be put in the ground, although of it needs to be shipped before that.

This is a plant that likes extremely well draining soil, and constant moisture.

The plant when it was blooming, earlier this year:

Brugmansia Inca Princess in bloom.jpg

The plant today, out of bloom:

Brugmansia 'Inca Princess' for NASC auction .jpg

And just for fun (this has nothing to do with the current auction), this is the plant which I got as a mislabeled B. sanguinea 'Inca Princess', now known a the Suncrest Vulsa. I did donate cccuttings of this for a previous auction several years ago, but I don't have the plant right now.

Joy's Brugmansia Suncrest vulsa.jpg
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