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*PAID*(seige $10) "Akai Ryu" VFT grown from flower scape cutting

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Item for auction is a small "Akai Ryu" Flytrap.
It was cloned from the flower scape of the parent plant in Summer of 2016. It is now coming out of dormancy.

The parent plant was purchased from Terraforum's FlyTrapShop.com I have posted a picture of the parent plant for provenance. The parent plant is NOT for auction.

This auction is open to bidders with USA mailing addresses only.
I will pay for shipping.
I will ship the plant bare-rooted in a small USPS Flat-Rate box and will provide a tracking number to the winning bidder.
Winning bidder can contact me via PM or Guest PM for mailing address.
Opening bid is $5.00.

Akai Ryu Baby 2.jpg Small VFT "Akai Ryu"

Akai Ryu Baby 1.jpg Small VFT "Akai Ryu" with Quarter to show scale

Akai Ryu Parent.jpg VFT "Akai Ryu" parent plant shown for illustrative purposes only.

Thank you for looking.

Good growing,
Plant shipped.
Buyer PMed with tracking number.
Carol CCed.

Good growing,
plant received excellent condition
Auction Closed.
Not open for further replies.