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*PAID* Seed grown D. 'Albino' RARE!! (FLTropical $8)

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I'm growing CPs in the Desert of Tucson, Az
Up for auction is 1 large seed grown D. 'Albino'! You don't see these very often, they are so very rare!! (yeah, right) This is likely you ONLY chance to get one! (well, and support the NASC at the same time at least) so bid generously to get your hands on it!

I will send it either potted, OR I'll send a few of them bare root it's up to you. So wait, you could actually get like... 4 RARE!!! D. 'Albino' from this auction? Yes, yes you can. :-O

Bidding starts at $2

Winner pays shipping of $6

USA only, I'll ship it to California since I've not had a problem yet coming from AZ, but if one arises no refund will be given. So that's your own risk.

PM me with any questions

(Yes, D. 'Albino' is D. capensis with white flowers and no color to the leaves or dew, they are not a rare plant...)

(Plants are pictured below in 4" pots with my sleeping Sarrs)

FLTropical has paid for this item. If you have received shipping fees, please ship at your earliest convenience. Thank you for participating.
Item has been paid for. Please arrange shipping.
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