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(PAID) (Sandy Casey $8) Streptocarpus saxorum -- rooted cuttings

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Nov 17, 2011
Being offered are 3 rooted cuttings of Streptocarpus saxorum . A relative of the African violet, saxorum is an easy growing plant with a mounding habit. Pictured is the mother plant (not for auction) and a tray of cuttings from which 3 will be selected for the winning bidder. Cuttings are looking a little peaked right now but that is due to being grown "hard" -- ie very little water -- over the winter. (Michigan winters are known for a scarcity of sunny days and the sun tends to be very weak when it is present. As with my succulents and other wiindow plants, I restrict their water to prevent them from growing during that time of year as the new growths would be weak and leggy otherwise.)

Streptocarpus saxorum A Sept 2018.JPG S saxorum.JPG

Starting bid: $3
US only
Bidder pays shipping (estimated at $9)
Winner may contact me via pm on this site
Not open for further replies.