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PAID (hcarlton $60) Drosera murfetii

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Lotsa blue
P5121028m_for auction.JPG

For auction: One healthy and actively-growing plant of Drosera murfetii - The Druids, Tasmania. This little-grown species is closely related to D. arcturi and grows mostly during moderate temperatures, resting when it becomes too hot or too cold. Out of the pot shown in the photo I will pick the largest plant at the time of shipping and pack it for the winner. Auction winner will pay $10 for shipping. Sorry, but I can only ship to US addresses. Starting bid is $2.

For more photos of this species look here: Photofinder - D. murfetii
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50 😁
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Item has been paid, please arrange shipping
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The plant has been shipped and USPS says it was delivered.