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(PAID) (Gadz $93) Progressive/Expanding Carnivorou Plant Auction


carnivorous plants of the world -- unite!
So never tried this before and figured I’d give it a go for something different. This offering will be progressive – the higher the bid goes, the more plants/seeds will become part of the package. (If nothing else, I thought this might be nice for those just starting out in the hobby or are trying to rebuild) Open only to US residents The winning bidder will pay shipping via Priority Mail. Because this offering can expand as it goes, I cannot get a PO quote until the end of the auction.

This offering will begin with 20+ seeds of Drosera hartmeyerorum.

As each of the following bidding “milestones” is reached, the associated seeds/plant(s) will become part of the package.

$11 – 20+ seeds of Byblis liniflora

$21 – several small/young plants of Pinguicula moranensis (giving you the opportunity to try such things as experimenting with different media/culture or creating your own “ping rock” planting, or sharing with friends)

$31 – flowering sized plant (or close to it), Drosera binata var multifida

$41 -- young plant, Drosera adelae

$51 -- plug of Utricularia sandersonii typical form (who doesn't love some bunny flowers?!)

$70 -- rooted cutting of a poidog nep – Nepenthes copelandii x ? (plant was grown from open pollinated seed so only momma was known)

$90 -- division of Sarracenia Leah Wilkerson

The following photos are of mature specimens or their flowers for reference only. Not the actual plant you will receive.:

D. hartmeyerorum
D hartmeyerorum.JPG

B. liniflora
Byblis liniflora 2021.JPG

P. moranensis
Ping moranensis flower.JPG

Dros binata.JPG

D adelae (picture forthcoming or you can just Google it)

U. sandersonii
Utric sandersonii bunch of bunnies.JPG

Nep. coplandii x ? Mature pitcher
Nep copelandii x B front view.JPG

Sarr. Leah Wilkerson
Sarracenia Leah Wilkerson pitcher patch A.JPG
$41, because I haven't had an Adelae for many years and can't bring myself to buy one....yet I'll bid an even higher amount than one would cost me. 🤦‍♂️
Ah! But with that $41 D.adelae, you now also get 20+D. hartmeyerorum seeds, 20+ Byblis liniflora seeds, several lil P. moranensis plants, and Drosera binata var multifida for "free". :ROFLMAO: