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PAID (carolatcj $5) Succulent & Cacti Lot

For your bidding pleasure, I offer a mix of Succulents, Cacti and Sedums.

I don't have IDs for all of the pictured plants, but here are a few I think I've identified: Burro's Tail, Elephant Bush, Mexican Hen & Chicks, Cylindropuntia sp., and Opuntia humifusa.

Plants will be shipped bare root. The fork is for scale and the pots are not included. These are photos of the actual plants.

Pot 1
Pot 2

Pot 3
Pot3a.jpg Pot3b.jpg

Pot 4
Pot2a.jpg Pot2b.jpg Pot2c.jpg

Note: The flowers are currently opening and may or may not be on the plant when shipped. The flower stocks may need to be removed for shipping. Sometimes the large plants die after blooming leaving the baby plants (at the base) to live on.

Shipping is $12 for the USA.

Bidding starts at $5
Note, leaf pullings from these Succulents will produce new plants! You could have hundreds of new plants!