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P. x 'Sethos' and P. emarginata x moranensis


Staff member
These two are the only Mexican Pings I have left, using pure perlite and sphagnum as media.

The recent cool (70s) and bright weather got them to colour up. :-O

P. x 'Sethos' - I've known this hybrid to turn pink in my conditions but it's been a long time since they managed to get the correct conditions to

P. emarginata x moranensis - I never knew this hybrid also turns pink though

I weren't home for a couple of days and here's how two containers of them turned out. The media totally dried up as they were in the room and my husband forgot about watering them. The sphagnum moss was alive before I left. :p

LOL! Needs heart-shaped bloodworms...
I have got this gut feeling that the red blood worms will turn them green again... :0o:
Before the plants turn back to green in my conditions...

A period of 5 days...

For jimscott...
Thank you! LOL!