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P. primuliflora (seed to maturity time)

Im doing a project for school where I'm required to grow a plant from seed to maturity (or a sellable size, maybe 1-2 inches diameter?) I've been searching for hours trying to find how long it takes for this ping to reach maturity when grown from seed, but I cant seem to find the information. Does anyone know approximately how long it takes?

Thanks ^_^
Not sure on this species. Have never gotten this one to set seeds for me. I just have them reproduce via the plantlets that are produced from the leaf tips touching the soil. Also many pinguicula have relatively short seed life spans. Unless you have plants and were making nice fresh seeds I would question the viability of the seeds.
What is your time frame? One semester? Two? I don't think you'll get any Pinguicula to maturity from seed in that amount of time. Go with an annual plant something like Drosera indica, D. burmannii or D. brevifolia is my suggestion.
Hmmm thats what I was affraid of. I only have one semester to be able able to grow them. But seems how I already bought the seeds along with another purchase I'll try and grow them out anyway. If it doesn't get big enough in time I'll have a bunch of pings for myself and to also give away (if they end up being viable seeds :confused:). I could totally live with that seems how I don't currently have any pings of my own ;)

Glad you suggested growing Drosera indica and D. burmannii, those are the two that I picked as well to grow.
Byblis liniflora? If you give them hot and humid conditions they will grow like weeds. I have a pot of them outside here in NJ in full heat and sun. The germinated 2 weeks ago and are already putting up flowers.
Thanks! I'll go look into the Byblis liniflora, I can use anything that will grow quickly.