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P. kondoi/reticulata

I received this Pinguicula species from CZ Plants, back in June, 2008 labeled as P. kondoi.

But it seems that the real P. kondoi, according to some experts, is not really in cultivation, and what is labeled as such is actually P. reticulata.

Either way, this is still a very nice mexi-ping.


This plant has been kept very dry over the last few months, as evidenced by the dried out moss surrounding this plant's rosette.

I started watering it again a couple of weeks ago, and gave it a taste of some tropical springtails yesterday, which should serve to further whet its appetite for more live prey. ;)

Really like this ping dvg! You have many of the rarer pinguicula that aren't seen often.
It's a nice ping with a rather attractive and different looking flower.
Definitely P. reticulata.. Mine is currently putting up it's first flower, ever. I've got a smaller one from a leaf pulling I took that's starting to get some size. Definitely one of my top 2 favorite species of ping. Nice score..
@mass what's you #1 fav ping?
Gotta be gypsicola, with medusina being #3. Followed by the agnata family.
Thanks for the comments guys!

That's an interesting one.
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Wish mine would hurry up and put up this flower. It's so slow..
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slowly but surely..

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and flower pics..




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very very nice KONDOI

for me it is a difficult pinguicula ,often rotten ending.

what are your cultivate condition.?

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very very nice KONDOI

for me it is a difficult pinguicula ,often rotten ending.

what are your cultivate condition.?


Thanks Jeff,

These are grown in the basement under fluorescent lights.

They are bottom watered from a shallow dish.

Once the water evaporates from the dish, i'll try to refill it in a few days time.

The established pings can go longer without water than the small pings started from seed - the seedlings are much more likely to go into their succulent stage if they are kept dry for a slightly extended amount of time.

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:love: Omg that is my favourite ping.. and yours looks perfect! :0o: I swear there isn't a single thing you can't grow.
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its my favorite too :0o:, i wonder if I can get it in here... ???
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Thanks Thez, i'm sure your balcony with a view, is a sight to behold as well. :)

Hi Dyzio, check out CZ Plants website in the Czech Republic.

CZ has P. kondoi currently in stock, and they offer good customer service.