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p.cyclosecta advice

hi ping fans,i know little about these plants but have a dormant cyclosecta that to me looks like it can be divided ,if possible i would like to divide because i don't want all my eggs in one basket so to speak,i would like to know the best time to divide and potting mix ,looks like five plants to me,thanks in advance
should be possible to divide. If you gently use some forceps to check between the individual rosettes to see each plant has its own root system first though. Alternatively, you can take a few leaf pullings and lay them on some peat moss they will form new plants within a week or so
thanks for your response,the winter leaves look very small for leaf pullings ,should i wait for larger summer leaves?
usually the winter succulent leaves are better for pullings. Wouldn't harm your plants to take one or two from each rosette. Just make sure you get the whole leaf intact when you pull it
They are not dormant, just a different leaf growth form. Divide them if you want. Trim off the dead leaves while you are at it and take leaf pullings.
As people have said, those should be ready to divide. You can easily take 7-10 pullings from each plant if you wanted, wont harm them in the slightest. When dividing you will probably lose some anyways. I always take the outside ones and works good for me.
thanks loads for the advice ,nan i did know they are not dormant in the true sense i should of said succulent,but that is good news,i shall be dividing and taking me some leaf pullings,would 2/1 perlite peat mix be ok and pullings on peat
That mix should work good. I prefer to include no peat and mix in sand and/or APS with the perlite instead but have used peat in the past with good results. I use the same mix for pullings as I do for adult plants.
ok drew cheers for your advice,i only have peat, no sand i can trust is not full of bad things
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i find that they eventually separate themselves over time. i've seen esseriana do this.
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hmmm a lazy option,sounds good,do you mean maybe next summer,cheers